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Technique Strength : Buy at Bottom & Sell at Top.
Unique of Product : Easy to Use, Clear Setup, No Stress, No Fear, Simple and Consistent Profit.
Clear Confirmation: Major Trend, Price at Bottom or at Top, Sharp Entry
Accuracy of Setup : 100% Strong, Follow Market Movement and Follow Trend
Risk of Loss : Zero with Simple Forex Technique
Stop Loss : Apply for short term entry and not required for long term entry
Product Delivery: By email within 24 hours after payment received (email your payment slip).
Product to be emailed: Step by Step for BUY & SELL and Template
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Many have venture forex trading but many give up when they fail to understand what to do because too many techniques are available to learn. All the techniques available can help you to profit and it can also cause you loss. What is important as a forex trader, the technique must be simple and does not cause you stress to understand market price movements.

Simple Forex Technique is designed for those who are looking for easy, relaxing and profitable techniques continuously. This technique is a combination of the MT4 indicator without any modifications. The accuracy of setup can achieve this can reach 100% accurately as it is formed based on actual market conditions.In addition, Simple Forex Technique is able to help you to understand the market trend whether it is uptrend or downtrend. This advantage will make it easy for you to enter for short-term or long-term entries.

The suitability of this technique can be used for all pairs regardless of time and condition. To simplify the process of identifying the setup, the 27 pairs are usually used as references in the process of finding setup and entry. In addition  multi-time-frame methods are also used in this technique for the purpose of consolidating the setup before entry. All of the above mentioned elites have been combined with just 4 easy steps before entry is done. Each pair's analysis only takes less than 2 minutes to identify trends, short-term or long-term, reversal, Buy or sell and take profit.